تَرَاجَعَ \ beat a retreat: to retreat: The thief beat a hasty retreat when he saw my fierce dog. draw back: to move away, usu. quickly: He drew back in fear. fall: to become lower or weaker: The price of bread has fallen. His spirits fell. recoil: to jump back; draw back quickly: She recoiled with shock. stand, (stood): (with aside, away, back forward, etc.) to move: He stood aside to let me pass. subside: (of land) to sink; (of storms or excitement) to become calm; (of a swollen river, etc.) to sink to the usual level: At last the noise subsided. His fever is slowly subsiding. withdraw: to move back: When the enemy attacked, we withdrew to the fort. \ See Also اِرْتَدَّ إلى الوراء

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